Prep Equipment

  • Single-phase motor,  115-220-240 V, 50-60 Hz           0.35 HP / 0.245 kW Blade                                                                                      Ø mm 300, 100 CR6 Rpm                                                                                  300 Cut thickness range mm                                                   0÷16 Cut, L x H mm                                                                  220x220 Sharpener                                                                          Built-in
  • The Blendtec Connoisseur 825 is a blender that has been designed with commercial use in mind. It has been much improved from the Blendtec Q-Series and is a market leader in terms of producing high quality frozen drinks. As with all Blendtec blenders, the Connoisseur 825 commercial blender utilises a sound enclosure to greatly reduce noise. In fact, it reduces noise by almost half when compared to similar blenders
  • Model No: 20 AT
    Brand: BLUE SEAL
  • Model No: CPG
    Brand: PARRY
  • Brand: Dualit The highly versatile, durable and portable plug-in Dualit Bread Toaster 6 Slice in Charcoal offers a high output of toasted bread for both the domestic and commercial kitchen. This stylish, iconic toaster makes an excellent, long-lasting addition to any kitchen thanks to its hard-wearing, sturdy structure and easily replaceable ProHeat elements. Use only the slots required with a simple selector switch, whilst the simple timer ensures bread is toasted to your exact requirements.
  • Model No: E268
    Brand: DUALIT
  • Model No: DCT2
    Brand: DUALIT
  • Model No: MX91
    Brand: Dynamic
  • Model No: MP450
    Brand: ROBOT COUPE
  • Model No: K5
    Brand: Kitchen Aid
  • Model No: PM900
    Brand: Kenwood
  • Model No: BM20AT
    Brand: Blue Seal
  • Model No: EIKON E3
    Brand: MERRYCHEF
    Big power in a small package. Cook faster and save power with the energy efficient eikon™ e3. The eikon™ e3 is ideal for crispy, tempting baguettes, croissants, snacks and toasted sandwiches. With its particularly compact design and up to 5 x faster preparation times, its three different cooking levels make it the ideal solution for power saving yet fast cooking and baking.
  • High speed for more applications. Need to produce lightning fast, crispy, hot food? Look no further than our easily-programmed, energy efficient eikon™ e4. It combines the advantages of microwave and hot air impingement technology for extremely quick cooking with outstanding, repeatable food quality, even for large quantities. You can prepare your meals and ingredients to perfection up to 15 x faster.    
  • Model No: 301 Ultra
    Brand: Robot Coupe
    The Robot Coupe Food Processor and Veg Prep Machine R301D Ultra is renowned for offering professional standards to a wide range of catering establishments, from pubs, wine bars and guest houses to small restaurants and bars. Featuring its patented stainless steel `S’ blade for perfect results and a 3.5Ltr stainless steel bowl, this Robot Coupe food processor is also supplied with a wide range of slicing and grating discs and blades, making it capable of a multitude of tasks, including slicing, grating, blending, mixing, chipping and even kneading. Its pulse feature and ABS vegetable preparation attachment with half moon and cylindrical hoppers ensures the perfect preparation of all types of vegetables whilst its powerful and robust vertical cutter and mixer make it the ideal commercial food processor.
  • The Robot Coupe Blixer 4 is renowned for being exceptionally quick, efficient, simple to use and robust. Unlike other food preparation machines, the Blixer® range is specifically designed to emulsify foods. Emulsifying assures that whilst the food is processed, the food fibres are not totally shredded thus ensuring the dish recipient receives all intended nutrients and stays fuller for longer. The Blixer® 4 is therefore ideally suited for cordon bleu cookery and for modified meals within nursing homes, hospitals, schools and crèches. Specially designed to process large quantities, the Robot Coupe Blixer 4 is guaranteed to offer excellent results and performance you can rely on.