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Double Door Freezer

Double Door Freezer

Shannon Hotel Supplies has a large refrigeration supply and service department that specializes in all types of double door fridge and double door freezer.

A double door fridge is a necessity in a kitchen with hygiene requirements. It’s also important for food storage, and when labeling is a must to keep fresh a kitchens ingredients and meat.

Commercial refrigeration such as double door freezers is imperative for businesses that involve food and other perishable goods.

We ensure maximum customer satisfaction and business profitability with each of our double door freezers and double door fridge. See our full range of commercial catering equipment and refrigeration equipment.

We have a range of double door freezers and double door fridge suitable for any commercial kitchen in Ireland.

To view our range of double door freezers click here.

SHS Online supply a range of double door freezer and double door fridge to all parts of Ireland such as Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway, Waterford and Kilkenny.