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Commercial Refrigerator

For specification details and individual product information please visit our refrigeration product page.

Refrigerator Freezer

At SHS online, we stock a full range of Turbo Air commercial refrigeration units.

Our Turbo Air commercial refrigerator units come in both single and double door models. As well as commercial refrigerators, we also stock commercial refrigerator freezer units.

Each of our commercial refrigerators and refrigerator freezer units are built primarily of high quality stainless steel and come in a sleek silver finish that emanates cleanliness and professionalism within any kitchen.

Each Turbo Air commercial refrigeration unit is built with quality stainless steel materials throughout and comes with features such as heavy duty anti-corrosive shelving and a large exterior digital controller as standard. Each Turbo Air C unit and Commercial refrigerator unit are also built with energy efficiency in mind, boasting spring loaded door closing mechanisms and automatic defrosting features as standard.

Commercial Refrigeration

Our Turbo Air range of refrigerators and freezers are designed with the commercial industry in mind. They are of durable design, superior build quality and boast high levels of energy efficiency due to their polyurethane insulation, self-closing doors and natural defrost water evaporation.

All of our Turbo Air Commercial refrigerators and Refrigerator freezers are certified and guaranteed for quality and efficiency. All of our units comply with HCFC environmentally safe standard.

Our Turbo Air commercial refrigeration units have the ability to cater for all of your commercial refrigeration storage space requirements.  Our models range from 600 litres up to 917 litres of capacity.

Units also cater for a wide range of temperatures. Depending on the unit you choose, our under counter refrigeration units are capable of temperatures between -25 degrees and +8 degrees. The Turbo air freezer models are capable of temperatures between the range of -25 degrees and 17 degrees, whereas the Turbo Air refrigerator models are capable of temperatures between +0 and +8.


Commercial Refrigerator

Each commercial refrigerator comes with a number of special features such as a door alarm, automatic defrosting, a large external digital controller and energy saving doors, to name but a few.

For more information on any commercial refrigerator products please visit our refrigeration product page for detailed descriptions and specifications of each individual counter refrigerator.