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Commercial Fryers

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Choose from a range of kitchen deep fat fryers and electric fryer.

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Commercial Fryer

The Commercial Fryer is arguably the most extensively used equipment in commercial kitchens. A commercial fryer needs to be many things at once; hardy, with easy maintenance and a high level of reliability. There are two main types of commercial fryer that are the most common.


Electric Fryer

An electric fryer is one of the most common and easy to use commercial fryer.  An electric fryer is popular because they are more mobile and work well as smaller, counter-top models. An electric fryer loses slightly less heat than gas fryers; this is due mainly to the heating elements being immersed in oil.


Gas Fryer

A gas fryer, on the other hand, will heat up faster and cook at higher temperatures than electric fryers. A gas fryer is especially popular when it comes to floor model fryers. The main reason for this being that they are a less expensive energy source, as a gas fryer can generally take from natural gas or propane.



SHS Online supply a range of gas fryer, commercial fryer and electric fryer to all parts of Ireland, such as Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway, Waterford and Kilkenny.