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Combi Microwave Oven

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A good combi oven is at the heart of your kitchen’s success.


Combination Oven

The combination oven is one of the most versatile pieces of professional kitchen equipment available today and working with them can have many benefits. A combination oven provides the user with an array of cooking functions all combined into a single piece of kitchen equipment.


Combi Oven

The term ‘combi oven’is simply a combination of the words ‘combination’ and ‘oven’, and can also be called an oven combi. A combi oven is not just for big food operations – it can come in a range of sizes. We stock a full range of Combi ovens to suitboth the small caterer as well as those who require more high volume outlets.


Oven Combi

A few technical questions should be asked when purchasing an oven combi unit. Ensuring that the oven combi unit is fitted with a water filtration system is important, as it helps to remove dissolved salts and scaling from the water. Also, a high preheat function can be necessary to enable fast heat recovery when cold food is put into the oven combi. Finally, the addition of self-cleaning features could also prove quite beneficial to you in the long run.


Combination Microwave Oven

The combination microwave oven is best with meats, fish, vegetables, and baking. The steam will keep the food from drying out, and the option for dry heat can actually improve the overall crispness and bring out natural flavours of your foods. The combination microwave oven runs off electricity, mains gas, and LPC.


SHS Online supply a range of combi oven and combination microwave oven to all parts of Ireland, such as Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway, Waterford and Kilkenny.