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Commercial Ovens

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Shannon Hotel Supplies Ltd. have experience and service to the catering trade of supplying a range of industrial oven, commercial oven and convection oven to all parts of Ireland. We have extensive knowledge of what is needed in busy commercial kitchens, bakerys and other food industries, having worked such brands as Blue Seal, Rational and Zannussi airosteam, supplying them with all types of industrial oven, commercial oven and convection oven. However, an industrial oven goes far beyond conventional roasting, With a selection of programs digitally controlled the result is quality from steaming vegetables, roasting joints, succulent salmon and fish, baking muffins, cakes, croissants, bread loaves and rolls. In a commercial oven environment, what is produced has a range from artisan baking to banqueting standards. We supply convection ovens and industrial ovens for bars, pubs, hotels, takeaways at great prices.


Shannon Hotel Supplies supply commercial ovens and convection ovens for all parts of Ireland such as Dublin, Limerick, Cork, Galway, Kilkenny and Waterford.